Friday, October 5, 2012

On Dealing With Baptists

It's bath time for this slave girl! Image source: unknown. Looks kinda like a image, it's their style of rope bondage, and they do outdoor stuff on occasion, but I see no watermark and don't have any source for it. Let me know if you know! The dominatrix looks like Chanta Rose, who has done work for Kink and others, but I'll just link to her site Chanta's Bitches so SOMEBODY gets some credit.

Who can forget Molly Ivins' famous line, "There's nothing wrong with the Southern Baptists that holding them under the water a little longer couldn't cure!"?


Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me. Chanta Rose! The shoot was with Sasha Sparks and was for Water Bondage.

Pat Powers said...

Thanks for letting us know!