Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beauty of SL Gor is Up

The docks of the Pirates of Tyros, one of many brilliantly designed lands in Second Life's 300-plus Gor sims. Image source: Photos of Tyros Isle, home of the Pirates of Tyros in Second Life Gor.

I finished the article on the beauty and completeness of Second Life Gor that I promised in my post on Gor Made Flesh. It's full of very large pics of Gorean landscapes and also of course Gorean slavegirls doing what those Gorean slavesgirls do so well. But mainly, it's about what a beautifully designed place many Gorean sims are to roleplay in.

Check out and leave a comment if you care to.

Slavegirls of Kink are trained in the art of being naked with their legs spread in public, an essential skill for slavegirls in Second Life Gor as well it turns out. Image source: The Training of O.


Marc Cabot said...

You make it sound so, so tempting, Mr. Powers...

And then I go there, and I encounter Terran humans in Gor costumes, and I despair twice over, for what I might have and don't, and what I do have and shouldn't.

Look, I wouldn't last five minutes on Gor. I know that. I'm not stupid. But that's the thing: stupid people don't last on Gor either. But on SL Gor nobody calls them on their BS and idiocy, and I just... can't... take it. Illiterate, illogical, and ignorant. If you could write an article about how to deal with that, I'd be much obliged.

I am not talking about knowing the books etc, either. I am talking about LOLspeak and the inability to string together a coherent sentence or do anything but bounce around like a human gas molecule in some Brownian dance of damnfoolery. You're a better man than I, if you can put up with that.

Anonymous said...

Sign at the slaves' entrance to the castle: "Abandon clothes, all ye who enter here."