Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Really Nice Trove of Slavegirl Art

At the Oscars:"And yes, in real life, I'm her slavegirl, I must serve her in all ways, even the most horribly sexual, erotic ways imaginable, and she's got QUITE an imagination! It's a nice break from playing the virginal Jessie in the "Dull Times In The Suburbs" romcom I'm in currently." Image source: Cruel Timur's Imagefap galleries.

I found a real trove of slavegirl art in a series of 24 galleries created by a fellow named crueltimur over on a site called Imagefap.

Imagefap, as the name suggests, has ads showing image of women doing the sort of things that leads to fapping, but crueltimur's galleries are not hardcore stuff, for the most part. Mostly of images slavegirls being slavey, i.e., being auctioned, bathing, being stripped of their clothing, lying around looking sexy, having sex, all of it very often while in bondage and naked or almost naked. There are images of slavegirls having sex and giving blowjobs, but it's not the whole point of the galleries as it is in actual hardcore porn.

Not all the slavegirls are harem slaves, though many are. There are some definite Gorean slavegirls, some images of enslaved women from sweat mags, some modern Poser art (consistently really good stuff, too) illustrations from various magazines, and the sort of stuff you find over years of selecting slavegirly art from Internet archives.

The reason I mention this in particular is because of course I've been looking at slavegirl art on the Web for a long time, and crueltimur has found quite a bit of very good slavegirl art that is new to me.

Most of it is not attributed, however there are a lot of paintings with watermarks and such, so between Google Reverse Image Search and Tineye you should be able to track the artists down and see more of their stuff, though I was unable to find the origin of the image that goes with this post. Figures.

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