Thursday, February 7, 2013

Designer Invents Slavewear And Doesn't Realize It

"The admiration this crowd has for my Daan Roosegaard gown is really turning me on!" Image source: Public

The new "Intimacy 2.0" dress from designer Daan Roosegaard has a feature that has the fashion world all agog: the cloth, normally opaque, becomes transparent when the wearer becomes aroused.

Commenters in the Huffington Post article about the garment were quick to clutch their pearls and declare that they would never wear any such scandalous garment. (One commenter was refreshingly honest and said that when she became aroused the clothes tended to go away anyway.)

But let's think for a moment here: who's the obvious market for garments that go transparent when the wearer becomes aroused? Slavegirls, that's who! What could be more fun than forcing a slavegirl to wear a garment that revealed her most intimate feelings? Oh, you betcha masters will be buying this for their slavegirls. It's fun enough to order a slavegirl to strip and spread her legs wide, making a slave wear a garment like this would allow a Master to strip her mind and spread it wide. Mmmmmmm ... (I can almost smell submissive women's panties getting wet as they come to this realization.)

Designer Roosegaard has said he is planning to create a ready-to-wear line of such garments, so things are looking very, very good. Of course, there will be cheap Asian knockoffs in no time that will be 1/10 the price and but will have quality issues like turning horrible shades of lime green and mauve when the wearer becomes aroused.

And of course, there's a catch: the garment works via ribbons of leather (leather!) and opaque e-foils that measure the wearer's heartbeat and make it go transparent when her pulse increases ... for any reason, not just sexual arousal.

Well, hey,no one ever said slavegirlhood was fair!

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