Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Felicia Day Topless and Chained ... or Cloned?

Felicia Day has a new celebrity clone and she's in bondage, or course! Image source: Roman Filioppov's 500px blog.

Found a new clone of Felicia Day on the Abnormally Bound tumblr site, and my, she DOES resemble her clone sister. The image shows Felicia Day hanging by cuffs attached overhead to her wrists, naked from the waist up. Wait, no, it shows Day's celebrity clone doing that. She's a model for a Russian photographer named Roman Filippov. There was no attribution on the tumblr site, or course, but there was a watermark on the image, making the tracking down of the source a lot easier. Well there was a LITTLE difficulty, seems photographer Filippov shares his name with an arm-wrestling champion who's made a bigger dent on the Web that photographer Filippov has. (Still it was nothing like the hassle of tracking down the guy who took the photos of the Russian bondage cheerleaders who got pasted all over the web.)

But do check out Filippov's site at the image link, he's a topnotch pro photographer who's apparently done work for publications all over the world, including many glamor shots of naked or nearly naked models. Not a lot of bondage in his work, though there are a few shots ... still, he's got a nice feel for faces, I like that.

As for why a Russian bondage clone of Felicia Day? Well that's easily answered. It's part of a leftover Russian mad scientist cold warrior plot to rob American youth of their precious bodily fluids with hottie clones of famous Americans. We're on to you, mad scientists of Russia!

Interestingly, I could not even use the most attractive image of Felicia Day I could find because it does not look enough like her. I mean, I don't believe it's Photoshopped or anything, just that the lighting and makeup people did a terrific job of making Felicia look prettier than normal ... so much so, this image does not look as much like her as most of the images of her clones I have run.


Anonymous said...

That's not Felicia Day. That's Karen Gillan from Dr. Who.

Pat Powers said...

If you are referring to the photo at the end of the article, yes, I've been informed that it is not Felicia Day. It has widely been IDENTIFIED as a photo of Felicia Day, but it's not. It could well be Karen Gillan of Dr. Who.

The photos at the top are of a model and Felicia Day, respectively.