Thursday, February 4, 2010 Goes Mainstream With Sexy Wrestlers

Either an Ultimate Surrender tag team match, or a genetic experiment gone terribly, terribly wrong. It's hard to tell which really., the parent corporation of Sex and Submission erstwhile sponsor of my Bondagerotica site has a number of other sites under its banner. In addition to Public Disgrace and Training of O, there is Ultimate Surrender, a porny wrestling site in which naked and nearly naked opponents spend a time in sweaty grappling on a mat, without being tied up, unfortunately, but while being tres sexy. For example, in addition to scoring points for escaping from holds and making the opponent submit, you get points for putting your fingers in her pussy. And after the three rounds of actual wrestling, there's a fourth round where the winner sexually uses the loser in the ring in an orgy of femdom/femsub lesbian sex.

I was checking my cable networks adult listing the other day, and I noticed a listing for a channel called "Catfights." I was bored (catfighting is not my thing, I never subscribed to Ultimate Surrender) and I checked the listings and started seeing a lot of familar names ... Wenona ... Darling ... Vendetta ... Hollie ...

I just had to know. I bought a "Catfight" video from the cable network, and in a moment the logo shnowed, and it was ... "Ultimate Surrender!"

It was startling to see programming from MY favorite porn provider on cable TV. Frankly, all the good stuff, as far as I am concerned, and I mean, ALL the good stuff, is on the Internet. It is NEVER available on more mainstream media. It was REALLY startling to see it on a national cable network.

I'm ready for my Sex and Submission channel now. But ... I have a feeling that might take a while. The panting, squirming, naked women of Ultimate Surrender are actually kind of wholesome. They're really just an extension of Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, the embodiment of the fantasies that most guys had while watching that series.

I think Sex and Submission models may not so easily be mistaken for wholesome.


Anonymous said...

Oh good, yer done with the cartoons. ;p

Look for the "Ultimate Cat Fight" on your TV Guide. it's a hilarious Hong Kong? show that looks like it's shot in some guy's basement.
Tamer than your pic to a degree, but has a secretaries strip each other match. I clipped it once for laughs.

Some guy on Brians sent me his old Bizarre mag which had a list from a 50's collector. There was an article in it about bondage wrestling. Object being gal ties her opponent so she can't get free, or something like that? Always thought it be great WWF match. ;)

Pat Powers said...

Bondage wrestling ... yes, I can go for that ... in fact, in Ultimate Surrender's round four a couple of blurbs describe victorious wrestlers who like to tie up their defeated opponents while they use them.

And ... I'm not done with the cartoons. Just branching out.