Monday, February 1, 2010

A Real Life Kajira?

That peculiarly shaped "k" is the mark of a Gorean kajira, and right underneath it, her kajira parts are doing what they should, even as she is bound with ropes and gagged ... which is also as it should be.

A little bit of Gor makes its way into the "real world" if that is a proper description of a sexual bondage adult site, when Sula Satanas models for Fucking Dungeon. As you can see, she bears a "K" tattoo, in this form being the mark of a Gorean kajira. I've seen them before in some amateur bondage pics, and of course it makes sense that women who like playing at being Gorean in the real world would have them. And in the initial interview she said she had been a lifestyle slave, so it's not real hard for us who know to figure out what kind of slave she was. And she's modelled for Fucking Dungeon several times, an unusual thing. Guess she's working out well in the role of bondage model. Imagine, a kajira doing that.

Courtesy of >Fucking

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