Saturday, February 13, 2010

Read the Disclaimer

For God's sake, just ... read the disclaimer for Jon Woods' Bondage Babylon site. God, I wish I had written it ... the only truly honest disclaimer I have ever seen on the Web. Then go on and check out the rest of his site. Judging by the disclaimer, it's got to be fairly awesome.


Anonymous said...

Well, kind of pretentious, but you can't but like a guy who picks Mary Ann over Ginger. I mean, that's virtually non-debatable...

Pat Powers said...

I'm a MaryAnn kinda guy myself ... Dawn Wells was red-hot ... but there are a lot of giggles in that disclaimer ... to wit, just one section of the disclaimer:

I am not really some horny underage kid who’s lying.

I believe people who create and/or enjoy child pornography should all be hunted down and killed.

I think therefore I am.

By logging on, I agree that Pirates are the lowest form of shit and should all die of cancer.

I wonder what’s inside now.

If I cannot discern what is a joke from what is serious on this site, I will go directly to eBay and see if I can buy a clue.

I never read the entire entry agreement.