Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tathassa ... A Gorgeous Gorean Sim

A lovely slavegirl in Gor rests on a ledge in a beautiful Gorean sim called Tathassa.

One of the things about working with virtual worlds is, being virtual and all, virtual real estate and materials are much cheaper, being made up and all. What this means practically is that sim designers do not have to build to human scale or worry about physics. This has some implications.

That's a HUGE statue she's kneeling next to. It totally dwarfs her! Click on the pic to see a larger version.

Gorean builds are noted throughout Second Life for their beauty, I think, because they impose limits on the builders. The architecture has to be something that people might build and live in with the technology available to human beings at their techno level of development (think Roman Empire-> early Middle Ages for everything except medicine) and cultural background. But there's nothing restraining them as to the particulars of their designs, or the topology of their world (so long as it's Earthly as in the books).

I guess the statue is not all that big. Nor are ... any of the others ...

And the thing is the Gorean sim designers don't just think in terms of scale, though they are clearly capable of doin so. Check out the large sized image of Brundisium from my previous post ... the detail there is subtle and amazing. And some very nice stuff is done on a smaller scale in many Gorean sims.

Our lovely kajira lounges in a shallow pool tide pool. Very nice work on the small scale.

Without these constraints most SL designers come up with pedestrian imitations of current topology and architecture or stuff that looks like a vidcap of a Hanna Barbera cartoon. This is not to say that SL non-Gorean designers don't come up with some brilliant designs. Some do, creating mind-bogglingly striking and appealing designs for sims. But it is fair to say that many do not.

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