Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pondering Pinder's Pendulous Pecs Pics

(Points to the caption provided for the picture by the magazine that published it): And I thought MY captions were kind of a reach sometimes. Presumably several people would have had the opportunity to come up with a caption, and "There must be an easier way to eat this spaghetti" was the best they could come up with. Granted, it's funnier and makes more sense than MOST laddie mag captions, but here's a few alternatives:

1) She chewed idly on the chain of her wrist bonds, fondly remembering the taste of last night's bacon-flavored ballgag.

2) She thought it a very strange way to floss her teeth, and she was puzzled as to why she had to do it in the nude, but the man WAS a professional dentist.

3) The feel of her wrists in cuffs made her long desperately to have something, ANYTHING in her mouth. Why had her captor not had the decency to gag her?

Five minutes for the three of them. Granted, I am sort of a specialist at this sort of thing, but really ... was that so hard?

Lucy Pinder is a celebrity of some sort in England, starting her career as a Page 3 girl. (Page 3 girls are women who pose for mildly racy topless photos that traditionally appear on page 3 of the British tabloid "The Daily Mail" and on other pages of competing tabloids.) She's moved on to television, appearing on various programs such as "Big Brother" and something called "Nuts TV."


The Greyman said...

Lucy Pinder is a Kelly Brook wannnbe. Or, is that the other way around? Aauugh... I'm confused! All these brown-haired, big-rack British chicks look alike! Hmm... does that make me racist? (Boobist?)

Pat Powers said...

No, it makes you an Anglophile! Not a particularly discriminating one, since they all look alike to you, nuy an Anglophile nonetheless.