Thursday, October 6, 2011

Announcing the Kajira Doll!

The doll of YOUR dreams and prudo-feminist nightmares!

Bondagerotica announces the Kajira Doll, the latest product from GorCo, the world's largest manufacturer of dolls that are anatomically correct, politically incorrect and TOTALLY biodegradable! Check it out!


Sasha said...

Meh. His books are redundant after Hunters of Gor. I found this woman, she resisted but I made her a slave. Repeat for the next 10 chapters. Toss in the barrel fire after the first 4.

Pat Powers said...

Actually, I read the first 24. And they do differ, if you read for the ethnography, the plot and the adventure as well as all the sexy slavgirls. I just skip ahead when he goes on one of his long rants about antibiological negativism and women are natural slaves crap. Much more readable that way. Sorta like I skip ahead whenever one of Richard Parker's protagonists starts mooning about girlfriend/ex-wife. Even very good writers have their weaknesses.

Sasha said...

You have a valid point there, Pat.