Friday, October 14, 2011

Tied, Naked Cheerleader Sex Training: Necessary?

Possibly there were easier ways to get the kink out of her neck, but Margaret found that having her head turned to the right and pressed against a man's chest while he thrust back and forth into a woman beneath her and another man thrust into her from behind, really did the trick. In more ways than one! She claimed that having her hands tied behind her back helped her avoid bracing herself and lessening the effect, but she suspected that no one believed her.

Alternatively: Margaret had had no idea that cheerleader training was so hard ... apparently, quickly developing the back and leg strength needed to support a human pyramid could only be managed in one way. Not that she was complaining ... last time she'd done that, she's found a ball gag in her mouth immediately.

Image courtesy of the good folks at Sex and Submission and their dirty, dirty minds! We salute their dirty, dirty minds!

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