Friday, October 21, 2011

Jezebel's Slutilicious Straightjacket

Gonna be a great Halloween for some straightjacket fans!

The fashion site Jezebel, correctly perceiving that slutty Halloween costuming is locked in a rut of naughty nurses, sexy witches and slinky slavegirls, has a photo gallery of imaginative new slutty costumes entitled "Slutoween." The costume pictured above is "Anita Sedative." It's a very hot costume. What's more, there's a link beneath the photo to The Halloween Party Store, which sells the Anita Sedative outfit for a very reasonable $49.95, and guess what? Those sleeves DO buckle at the waist. It's like they KNOW!

The Jezebel article features some hilariously funny non-bondage outfits as well, the "Scrabble Slut" outfit cracked us up. So be sure and check it out. EVEN MORE, be sure to check out the Halloween Party Store link, because they have over 2000 sexy costumes alone. All reasonably priced. From what I've seen, making a bondage superheroine movie just got a LOT cheaper, in terms of costuming.

Happy Halloween!

P.S. A little further searching in those thousands of costumes at the Halloween Party Store revealed another bondage-licious costume, this one:

"Sir, I just got out of the joint, and I'd do ANYTHING to get out of these prison togs!"

You can find the catalog listing for the outfit right here. Women in prison time indeed! And yes, the cuffs and chains come with the costume, and I can't see any reason why the cuffs cant be worn behind the back ... and the chain might even be much shorter. Happy Halloween indeed!


Sasha said...

Slutilicious ? *eyeroll* If you hadn't given her name I would thought that was Fergie from Black Eyed Peas, heh.

Pat Powers said...

I have a way of embiggening the English language on occasion.