Monday, October 10, 2011

Jakki Degg and Rachel Stevens Join Celebrities in Bondage

Don't scowl like that, Jakki, we'll get those cuffs off you ... eventually ..."

Please note, since this story came out we discovered that Rachel Steven's ball gag pic was a fake. Story here.

Jakki Degg and Rachel Stevens are English celebrity models (Rachel sidelines as a TV presenter, Jakki as a DJ) who've posed for photos that are so bondage-y that the pretty much got sucked into our Celebrities in Bondage section by the backdraft. Jakki posed in a smoking hot nude sexual bondage shot, and Rachel wore a ballgag. You can check them out here.

The photo seen here is not the photo that got Jakki into Celebrities in Bondage, it's weak sauce and works as a teaser and not much else. If the chains had been a lot shorter and her hands behind her back ... different story.

There's that smile we like!

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