Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Brief Visual History of Pony Girls

Victorian, seventies, and current pony girls work that thing! Sources, left to right: vintage photo, vidcap from the 1970s film "Check to the Queen and Julie K. Smith gets pony-ish.

Bondagerotica has a new article today, A Brief Visual History of Pony Girls. Although brief and yet visual, this history of pony girls covers an as yet unhistoricized subject with the same sort of depth and discernment that Gibbons displayed in his coverage of The Fall of The Roman Empire, if he'd been going mostly by salacious images on the subject.

This brilliant piece of exposition explains not only pony girls, but why the bustle was once a popular fashion statement, why women in old photos often had That Expression on their faces, and where the likely future of pony girls will go. Yes, we have gone BEYOND Gibbons, who never did bother PREDICTING what the Roman Empire would do next! A must read for all Internet denizens!

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