Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Secretary" the Movie Inspires Office Fashion Show

Check out all the bondage (left to right): woman tied hands behind (presumably to an antler-ish clothing rack, such a great metaphor for fashion), woman tied at the wrists to office chair with red ropes, woman tied at the ankles to office table with red ropes, and woman wearing neck yoke with collar and cuffs. Now that's REAL fashion bondage!

A fashion show for office wear with a theme based on the movie "Secretary" has done something remarkable: REAL bondage was used in the show! (Do visit the link, there are more and larger images than the reference image I've put up here.)

As I noted in my post on a celebrity blog's "Hottest Bondage Babe" contest, most fashionistas, when they use the word "bondage" are only referring to a garment or accessory that is black and has straps, be it shoes, purse or dress. Nothing has to actually be tied to anything.

But in this show, we have women actually tied to things, and one of them wearing an actual piece of bondage gear, i.e., the neck yoke with collar and cuffs seen in "Secretary."

But ... is this REALLY a coincidence? Or is something deeper at play?

Imagine a fashion designer, i.e., Kate Sylvester of New Zealand, who presumably creates or at least aspires to create totally off-the-wall party dresses for the wives of her country's economic overclass (the ones who control most of the wealth, i.e., the 1 percent here in the US) and she's tasked with creating a line of, of all things ... office wear!

Well of COURSE the designer's thoughts as she considered office wear would reflect her true feelings on the matter (and that of her customers as well) and so, with the unconscious political honesty that is often characteristic of people who think they are outside politics or beyond politics, the theme of SLAVERY and BONDAGE pops up, and eventually, the movie "Secretary" with its story of bondage in an office environment, becomes the perfect and natural expression of her theme! Voila!


Anonymous said...

I'd have to say that a practical reason that the first concept (Antlerish clothing rack) wouldn't work in an real office environment is that half the co-workers would utter the recognition code line that Jackie Chan (posing as Agent Clark Devlin) and Jennifer Love Hewitt were saddled with in "The Tuxedo":

"Nice rack"...

Pat Powers said...

That had not occurred to me. I just figured that a woman in bondage to a clothing rack was a great metaphor for fashion.