Monday, February 27, 2012

Claudette Colbert Kissed While In Bondage

Check out that happy smirk on Claudette Colbert's face after she's kissed while collared and cuffed at the wrists! I've seen that expression before! Image source: vidcap from "I Cover the Waterfront" from 1933.

A brief and pleasant clip now on Bondage Television from I Cover the Waterfront with hottie Claudette Colbert enjoying some kisses while strapped in a torture device. Consensual bondage, in short, though of course it was not presented as such, just a young couple horsing around in a romantic sort of way.

Note the date: 1933, a year before the Hayes Code rang down the curtains on anything resembling sexual perversion in films. From then on, if you put a woman in a torture device, you damn well better be torturing her ... preferably to death! THAT'S the moral thing to do ... in those days, anyway, when cultural conservatives ruled the movie screens ... and there were no television screens.

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