Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Ksenia Solo and Asphyxia Noir: Celebrity Clones

Left: bondage model Asphyxia Noir. Right: "Lost Girl" TV star Ksenia Solo. Image source: left, Sex and, right: vidcap from "Lost Girl".

So, Ksenia Solo plays a hot Goth girl on the SyFy Channel's new TV series Lost Girl about a couple of hot young goth girls (one of whom is a Fae, a succubus in fact, making for much edgy sex, by American TV standards) who gets involved in a secret near-war the Fae (i.e., fairies of various stripe) are having. The Fae live among us and keep their identities secret, but they've got magical powers alrighty. It's all very urban mythology and it's a pretty good watch. (Psst. It's actually a Canadian science fiction TV series that is now in its second season, which is why it's so good.)

Asphyxia Noir is hot Goth model who sexes it up on Sex and Submission. Quite a resemblance eh? I'm thinking this is more definite proof that mad scientists are cloning Goth hotties for some reason. Not that you need a reason!

Try not to think of this next time you watch "Lost Girl"! Good luck! Image source: same as before.

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