Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cyclops And The Slave Girls -- WTF Through The Roof!

Two frames from Cyclops and the Slavegirls, a video that has to be seen to be believed.

Cyclops and the Slave Girls is a dailymotion video that has me completely puzzled. Its theme seems to be cannibalism (the sexual fetish) and/or vore (another sexual fetish that involves being literally eaten, though typically by very large animals). It's about four beautiful, sexy, topless slavegirls who get eaten by a cyclops, after being roasted alive. You can find it here.

Well it's definitely not my cuppa, but that's OK, plenty of things aren't my cuppa, and that's not what puzzles me about the video.

What puzzles me is the enormous amount of trouble that Cine Lux went to through to create the video, and the curious animation technique he used. Take a look at the two images at the top of the post here. Apparently, he used photos of naked models ... they're in the credits, which he photoshopped a lot and then ... distorted the features of so that their expression ... varies. Its a primitive form of animation, perhaps the most primitive form, and it's not at all attractive. Their expressions consist of two different kinds of unattractive grimaces, and yes, their breasts bobble up and down in time with the changes in their facial expressions.

Not just occasionally. Constantly. Like I said, not attractive, though technically I suppose it is a step up from previous films by Cine Lux, where they simply pasted cut out photos of the actresses with no attempt to animate their features as they spoke via word balloon.

The video spends a lot of time setting up the characters and backgrounds of the three hotties of the story, given that the whole point of the film is that they are cooked alive and then eaten by the cyclops. It starts out as a story of slavegirls in the ancient world and turns into … well .. the bulk of the film consists of vore/cannibalism porn. These scenes are not all that horrific, as the animation is so crude and not at all disgusting, compared to what it might have been. Plus the slavegirls are witty right up til the end.

That's another thing, the dialogue is witty in spots and generally kinda sharp. There's a clear humorous intent to the film along with the cannibalism. Though I suppose if you were sexually aroused by cannibalism, it might be necessary to cultivate a sense of humor. It looks like a children's cartoon created by a madman.

All of this, especially the bizarre animation technique, combines to create a tremendous WTF factor for the video. It's mind boggling. Watch it, at least for a few moments. I didn't watch all of it, I did a lot of skimming, cause the cannibalism part is boring if you are not into cannibalism.

The other thing is, the film is so labor intensive. He had to edit it on a frame-by-frame basis. (I don't know that the creator of the film is male, the credits imply a huge team of people made the film, but I don't buy it for an instant.) It must have taken a log time to put the elements together and get the film moving. Which is probably why it moves at a snail's pace. There are easier ways of achieving much more sophisticated animations.

"With an impressive name like Cine Lux, this has to be a good movie I'm in! They said I'd have lots of sizzling scenes, too!" Image source:

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