Sunday, September 30, 2012

Water Break For Justine Joli

Just another day on the set of 50 Shades of Gray. Image source: Behind Kink.

Ok, wer'e kidding here. That's Felicia Day celebrity clone and geek girl hottie Justine Joli in a behind the scenes shot of the site "Behind Kink." Miss Jolie is getting a water break in the midst of a grueling dildo bondage scene for one of Kink's sites, probably It's a surprisingly hot image, Jolie so naked, helpless and bound, having to have the water glass raised to her lips while she drinks, the dildo still invading her pussy.

The Behind Kink site gives you images and videos of what goes into the making of's various adult videos. Even though I liked this particular photo, I'm not sure what the attraction is here, maybe it's the porn industry's equivalent of the glamor profiles they used to do of movie stars or the promos of of movies they did in the old Hollywood studio days. Except of course, visitors pay specifically to see this content. Well, I guess I can chalk it up to the vagaries of Rule 34.

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