Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ye Olde Sex Toys

Over on I09, a site I usually go to in order to get my science fiction/science fact hits, they have an article entitled "Hilarious and Unsexy Historical Erotic Toys." The article really delivers what its title promises: the toys are hilarious in their clumsy attempts to be sexy, and completely unsexy by modern standards. Maybe in the day when a glimpse of a stockinged ankle was major boner material they were something, but by modern standards, they are hilariously lame. Check it out, it's interesting and fun, even with the stupid stars. (The article is censored, with stars blocking out the hilariously unsexy genitals and nipples of the images on the toys, Gawker claiming that it is a "family company.")

For the record: companies may be owned and run by families, but they are not people, hence can't be "family companies." They're just machines for making money. Nothing wrong with that, unless you start letting them sway elections with huge cash outlays (see: "machines for making money") under the misapprehension that they are people and have free speech rights. Now THAT would be hilariously stupid!

"Listen here, Miss Corporation, you have the same right to speech that any other corporation has: the right to remain silent!" Image source: Fucking

Alternate caption: We'll go with the big boys' toys!

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