Sunday, March 3, 2013

Gorgeous Arabian Nights Slave Girls From 1979

Gorgeously constumed slavegirls in the hardcore flick "Arabian Nights." Image source: post on the Vintage Erotica Forums.

This is a very nice pic of some properly gorgeoused-up slavegirls, a production still from a British hardcore short film called "Arabian Nights" made in 1979. You can find out more about it, not at the Internet Movie Database, but at this blog post that has all sorts of details about it. It starred big-busted cutie Nicki Stanton. I'm not absolutely sure which one is Nicki, I bet though she's the one with the largest breasts. You can watch the whole film here at Xhamster.

I put the post up because it reminds me a lot of the cuties at Electric Blue No. 44, as covered in my book Hottitude of Servitude now available on Amazon and very much worth reading. The girls in Arabian Nights are properly decorated, with elaborate headdresses, necklaces, belts, beads, bangles and whatnot. Clearly some costumery shop or belly dance shop was shopped hard for this production. Good to see some pride in a hardcore film. They still did things like that in 1979, instead of going to a hotel room with a video camera and two actors.

Like the girls in "Electric Blue 44," however, the girls in "Arabian Nights" are missing one key element and that's bondage gear. Collars, chains, ropes, gadgets, etc. That's what says "slavegirl" instead of simply "naked cutie." Slavegirls need fricking bondage gear AND glamorous slavegirl bangles, armlets, and similar accoutrement to achieve maximum hottitude. It's a simple matter of common sense.

A naked slave girl chained to a wall is forced to watch another naked, tied slavegirl get fucked. The sex is just as hardcore in "Arabian Nights" but there is no bondage. Unfortunately, in Training of O there is no glamor. Somebody will get it right someday. Maybe. Image source: Training of O. com.

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