Sunday, March 10, 2013

Perils of Negotiating While Being Given A Blowjob

"I don't care if the price I quoted for the silk was a silver blowjob per, the cost of guards to prevent blowjobs means I have to blowjob at least blowjob ... blow ... what was I saying?" Image source: The Gorean tumblr blowjo ... er, art collection. Unattributed, as usual. I looked but was unable to find the artist who created it via reverse image search. If anyone knows, let me know, I'll credit them and prolly write up a post about them ... this is some VERY nice work.

Oh, I know the temptation is great. Why wait until AFTER the deal is made to reward yourself by having a slavegirl give you a nice blowjob? You know you're going to win! Why not have the celebratory blowjob DURING the blowjob ... er, negotiations? It won't be distracting at all! Just a lovely slave kneelng between your legs and sucking your dick while you work. Call it multitasking if you will.

Seriously, this is a nicely imagined piece of art. The two guys are arguing vigorously while the slavegirl kneels before her owner, her arms pinioned behind her, sucking master's dick while they talk because that's her job and she has to suck his cock no matter where, when or how she's ordered to do it. The slave behind the master looks on, a litle bored, holding a vase that may be the topic being argued about/negotiated over. It subtly says a great deal about the society being portrayed, where big-time master types were so busy they couldn't even take breaks for blowjobs, and where slaves were not permitted any privacy whatsoever.

The version on the Gorean Art page is much larger, btw, but with the 7 inch width limit on this blog, I cropped it to focus on the essential blowjob ... er, elements.

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