Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Fifties Smiling Housewife Sexy Slave Girl

I love the smell of trope subversion! Image source: (top) the 1950s. (bottom) Charlotte Vail on

Feminists and, frankly, people who just like the funny, have had a great deal of fun snarking on the trope of the smiling housewife of the 1950s, since all those ubiquitious advertising images from the times have created a goldmine of manufactured joy to laugh at. And here's Charlotte Vail of subverting the hell out of the trope. Clothespins on nipples, check. Big honkin' collar, check. Chained to bed, check. Garter belt, check. Fishnet stockings, check. Buttplug sticking out from between butt cheeks, check. Dildoes on headboard, check. Big Fifties housewife smile, check!

Sexy, sexy slave girls of the 1950s never wore that big housewife smile, that was just for the woman who was trying to keep her man from thinking about sexy, sexy slavegirls via Swanson's frozen turkey TV dinners and an evening spent watching Westerns on a black and white TV set. (Good luck with that!) Fifties bad girls (of which sexy, sexy slavegirls were a subset) always wore intense, smouldering, dramatic expressions intended to lure men to their sexual dooms! Or should we say, SEXUAL DOOOOOOOOOOMS!

A bad (i.e., overtly sexy or sexual) girl from the 1950s wearing that big honkin' 1950s Doris Day smile as she coyly angles her hips so you can see her buttplug and her vagina? So WRONG! it suggests that the housewife and the bad girl might have been one and the same person, in fact, that the distinction between bad girls and good girls was entirely made up and artificial ... and it would be a few years before anyone would come to that conclusion, at least, publicly.

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