Sunday, March 24, 2013

On Mesh Breasts And The Real Thing

Mmmm, mesh breasts as seen on the Gorean Dressing Room blog.
Back in the old days, female avatars in Second Life had just two choices with regard to breasts: the ones that came with the avatar, and prim breasts. Both have advantages and disadvantages. Avatar breasts have bounce. But they can only grow so big before they get ... polygonal. What do we mean, polygonal?

"See my giant polygons? Do they make you hot, baby?"
We mean POLYGONS! That's standard avatar breasts scaled up to the max and seen up close, about as bad as it gets, but you have to admit ... that's bad. As the camera draws back the polygonality disappears, but still ... that's pretty bad. Especially compared to those nice, round, smooth mesh breasts seen above.

Prim breasts don't have this problem, they are smooth and round, but they are like any article of prim clothing, which means they can be very hard to fit properly. And it's annoying when clothes won't quite fit or get out of alignment when the avatar moves, but it's really unfortunate with body parts.

Prim nipples on giant polygon breasts ... who can resist, eh?
Just check out the unusually well-fitting and color-matched nipples above. Nice as they are, one of the nipples is slightly higher than the other, they are kind of the wrong size and shape for those huge honkin headlights they sit on. When you move, such nipples can get discombobulated, and actually seem to be floating a short distance away from the breast, or sunken into it. So ... not optimal.

Now check out the prim breasts at the very top of the page. They have that 3D nipple bump and nice, smooth curves. They look like breasts should look. The only problem is, some of the inhabitants of Second Life have taken a good idea and supersized it waaaay too much, as this article points out.

As a wise woman once told me on this very blog, "Ain't nothing like the real thing" and Rachel Roxx convincingly makes that point here. I say "convincingly" because I'm pretty sure Rachel's breasts have implants. But she bought wisely, enough to give her an impressive rack but not to make her look weird or distorted. No polygons on her! Image source: Whipped

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