Thursday, March 21, 2013

Nightstands Finally Advertised Based On Actual Uses

"Sure beats a box under the bed!" Image source: Training of

An article in the Minneapolis St. Paul Business Journal demonstrates the further mainstreaming of bondage. They cite a nightstand sold by local manufacturer Blu-Dot. The online ad copy for the Modu-licious Nightstand says, it will hold, "Ten T-9 Ball Gags, one box of tissues, and six copies of Architectural Digest."

OK, so the nightstand costs $599. If your lifestyle is such that you need storage space for ten ballgags, expensive nightstands are probably the least of your worries!

And when local business journals are reporting on bondage gear storage devices ... well, things have changed!


Anonymous said...

Architectural Digest always gets me hot.

Pat Powers said...

Well you would not be the first to call it "house porn."