Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Boti Bliss Effect

Jacqueline Lovell as I'll always remember her ... except for that scene in Femalien ... and a LOT of other scenes I know about, but am not talking about. (Image from The Key To Sex.)

The fact that the same actresses can appear in mainstream films and TV shows and in softcore and hardcore porn films and videos has some interesting implications for people who make mainstream films and TV shows. If you're like me, every time you see an actress who's done porn, or porn-y scenes in mainstream films, you flash on the porn-y stuff while you watch the mainstream stuff. Who can blame you? Certainly not I! We examine this phenomenon in The Boti Bliss Effect in this week's update to Bondagerotica. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

"Jacqueline Lovell is a frightened woman being stalked by a serial killer in next week's Criminal Minds!"

Hey, could happen. The Seinfeld guy was a serial killer a couple of weeks back

Pat Powers said...

Oh, it HAS happened. In the main artic le I write:

"Lovell has also appeared in quite a few bit parts in mainstream movies and TV shows, such as CSI: New York, The Pink Panther, Law and Order, Little Manhattan and Trust the Man."

Bit parts all, from what I can tell, but as a general rule the first woman staked by a serial killer who gets killed by him is generally a bit part.