Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Computer Woes Part 2

It seems like only yesterday I had to upgrade from my reliable VIC-20 to a Commodore 64, and now this! That does it, I'm going with an Amiga 500. I bet there are some used ones on the market in my price range by now.


Sasha said...

Carrier pigeons was good enough for Mama and I'll be hanged iffin I'm gonna try any of yer'n new-fangled gadgets !!

Pat Powers said...

Exactly. I don't mind shoveling coal into the back of my computer, makes me feel needed.

The Greyman said...

I had worked with a couple of DOS and Windows 3.1 systems beforehand, but the first computer I actually owned was a 120 Pentium with a "whopping" 1GB HD and 16mb of ram, with a whole 1mb dedicated to graphics. This was in late 1995 and it ran this newfangled OS called Windows 95. Along with a 15" monitor and a cannon color printer, it set me back about 3 grand, which was literally more than I had paid for the car I was driving.

Turned out to be one of the best investments I ever made, but at the time it totally wiped out my savings of the past several years.