Monday, December 15, 2008

You Win, Computer!

My computer is screwing up so I am using another computer that doesn't have all my files on it. So there won't be much on the blog today.

However, I would like it to be officially known that even though Jennifer Tilly is in her fifties, if I had the chance I'd hit it so hard that anyone who could pull me out would have to be declared the rightful king of all England.

Well, adding to the Betty Page goodness, here's a Youtube video featuring Betty Page that has some very appropriate background music:

Jazzy Betty Page.

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The Greyman said...

Man I was bowled over when I saw Jen was freakin' 50! Then I realized that was only a little older than me and I got sad.

She's aged far better than I have, but then again I haven't had the benefit of a skilled plastic surgeon.

The man does good work. She's still pretty hot.