Friday, December 5, 2008

Sometimes The Cure Is Worse Than The Disease

"I have heard that you can prevent sneezing by pressing hard against the nerve centers at the base of the nose. Hold still!"


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they should have let Darling Midori do the gag? ;)

Pat Powers said...

The weird thing about this scene is, it's a definite candidate for longest on-screen gagging in any movie. The woman wears this gag after she's kidnapped in a house, she wears it when she rides in a car, she wears it when her captors go to a rural campsite, she wears it when they go to another house where they're finally rescued. I don't know how the heck a gag that flimsy-looking stayed on.

The villain is probably pressing on the gag wtyh his gun to hold it in place.