Wednesday, December 31, 2008

In the Forest

Captive (thinking):Look at her over there cavorting with that other hussy while she's got me tied to this tree like a hot she-animal!

Captive (thinking):I know what I'll do! (Collapses.)

Captor:What's with her?

Captive (thinking):It's working! Come on, plant one right on my kisser, baby, I'm all yours, get it and come!

Captor (thinking):Looks all right ... wait a minute ...

Captor (to companion):Hey, come on over here and check out the bony clavicle on this slave!

Captive (thinking):Bony!? Clavicle!? What's a clavicle?

Images from an episode of Beastmaster ("Gemini") courtesy of the Moviebond guy.

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