Friday, December 19, 2008

Dangers of Gossip (during sex)

“Jamie did NOT say that to Rosie! No! That is SO messed up!”

I finally got my new computer. The salesman says it processes information at lebenty-million gigahertz, is multi-processor, multi-tasking and polymorphously perverse. It also makes you look better, weigh less and can transmute lead into gold. Wow, computers sure have changed over the years!

Image courtesy of Bondagerotica sponsor Sex and Submission.


Anonymous said...

"I finally got my new computer."

A typing dynamo like yourself wore the old one out. Give it a warriors' burial! ;)

Pat Powers said...

You know, you're right. The keyboard was the first thing to go. The second thing to go was the replacement keyboard. As it is, I haven't buried it, I've done as the military do to gallant craft: I've mothballed it against future need. Never know when I'll be craving some old file left on it.