Wednesday, December 31, 2008


It's not a blaze of glory, folks.

After their disastrous 0 for 16 season, Detroit Lions management figured out that the only way to end their misfortunes was with a sign of great contrition to the gods of football fate -- cheerleader human sacrifice! (Of course, this was the kind of thinking that got them to a 0 for 16 season in the first place.)

Seriously, check out the tape gag on the cheerleader. The image is from a soap opera called "One Life to Live" and involves two cheerleaders bound and gagged in a burning building. The important thing is ... that's a wraparound tape gag, look how it goes all the way to the nape of the cheerleader's neck.

Happy New Year to all and our condolences to Detroit Lions fans!


Anonymous said...

Just knew a matter of time before someone snarked on that. Good one!

Oh, and Happy New Year

Sasha said...

Still beats the St. Louis Rams all to hell, lol. I had dreams about cheerleaders getting kidnapped and roasted on the Homecoming bonfire, except I was the one sitting up front with the marshmallows.

Pat Powers said...

Mmmm, marshmallows. And of course someone had to snark about the Lions.