Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Stole Glori-Anne Gilbert's Breasts!!!

Glori Anne has some great assets as an actress and she isn't afraid to display. Must be her stripper background.

I first encountered Glori-Anne Gilbert when I was looking for a breast. I needed the breast because I was drawing a slavegirl, and the model I was using didn't have a rack large enough to fully express my artistic intent. So I did a Google search and was quite gratified to find that there were quite a few images of breasts on the internet. Most were at the wrong angle, or too small, and a few were too big, but one pair was JUUUST RIIIIIGHT and that one belonged to Glori-Anne Gilbert, who so far as the internet knew, was a popular stripper working in Florida.

Flash forward a couple of years. I'm watching the Sci-Fi Channel. One of my many weaknesses when it comes to culture is their original movies, especially the creature features involving giant lizards, snakes, fish, mosquitoes, etc. I'm watching "Curse of the Komodo Dragon" about an island with a 50-foot long Komodo Dragon happily feeding on tourists and whatnot.

One of the actors in the film looks familiar somehow. Especially the bulges under her crop-top T-shirt. Yes, it's Glori-Anne Gilbert herself, who enlivens the movie with (among other things) a nude swimming scene, which of course the Sci-Fi Channel had to edit out because naked breasts are somehow Evil to some people.

Glori-Anne has since gone on to enliven a number of science fiction B movies (Cry of the Winged Serpent, Komodo vs. Cobra) as well as many Skinamax movies (Busty Cops 2, The Wives of Breastwick.) She's not going to put Meryl Streep out of business anytime soon, but at least she can manage not to smile during a dramatic scene, which puts her well ahead of many Skinamax actresses. Ande her body puts her even farther ahead.

I welcome Glori-Anne Gilbert to the ranks of science fiction B-movie and Skinamax actresses. She has looks that will enliven them all.


Miguel said...

Hey,Karg,If you think they LOOK good you ought to see them up close in person,WOW!!!BTW,if you need any pictures of Glori-Anne I have a ton of them including some personal ones and artwork that I have created with her as a model.
You can check it out at and also!


Pat Powers said...

I'll bet those puppies ARE really impressive in the flesh! I'll bet it's a treat watching her dance in person and hanging out with her. I appreciate your offer of pics of Glori-Anne, and if I decide I need to borrow some more breasts anytime soon, I'll definitely drop you a line.