Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Empowered Rocks!

Supervillains get no mercy from Adam Warren in his "Empowered" series. Bondage fans get a very nice read, indeed.

Bondagerotica is updated with a review of Adam Warren's groundbreaking series of graphic novels about a bondage-prone, nudity-prone hottie of a superheroine, Empowered. Warren does a lot of very intelligent things in his Empowered stories, but mostly he's funny as hell. It's not just funny for a bondage-related comic, it's funny funny. A lot of people who aren't all that interested in bondage like Empowered. Those who ARE interested in bondage will absolutely love Empowered. Check out my review right here.


The Greyman said...

Nice review. Almost as good as mine!

Just kidding. Your's is great, far more detailed than mine, and I completely agree that for a guy who's likely not one of "us" Warren really "get's it".

My ONLY gripe with his art is, would it have killed the guy to give Emp some stiletto heels? They're totally impractical of course, but no self-respecting super-heroine goes "flat"!

Pat Powers said...

Oh, no, your review is better than mine ... it's pithier. I tend to run on at the keyboard a bit.

I posted the short version of my review over on Adam Warren's Deviant Art page and a link to the long version as well. I'm hoping Warren will comment on it. Hell, with all the fawning I did over his stuff, he's got nothing to complain about.

As for the stiletto heels ... woulda worked for me, but then, I'm not one to care much what a damsel is wearing or not wearing on her feet. Unless it's funny.

Anonymous said...

Okay this comic is just TOO freakin' sexy!! I love how polliticaly INcorrect it is. hope it REALLY p!$$es off militant feminists. If so it makes 'Empowered' all the sweeter!