Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why Sky Kanga Bothers Me

And you thought Wonder Woman's invisible plane was dorky!

Wonder Woman's invisible plane is one of the dorkiest props if not THE dorkiest prop used by any superhero (and the object of well-deserved ribbing on Seanbaby's Superfriends Page). But it is only the second dorkiest mode of transportation employed by Wonder Woman. Golden Age Wonder Woman also rode Sky Kanga, a giant kangaroo that carried Wonder Woman through outer space by jumping from asteroid to asteroid.

Sky Kanga bothers me. Sky Kanga bothers me because I can't imagine any adult mind maintaining the needed suspension of disbelief to read about Sky Kanga without laughing or throwing away the comic in disgust.

I figure you would probably have to be about eight or ten years old to read about Sky Kanga and go, "OK, I can buy that for the moment. On with the story!"

I had always known that Golden Age Wonder Woman comics were sold to kids, but I never really took cognizance of that fact until I started thinking about Sky Kanga.

And the reason that Sky Kanga bothers me is that Wonder Woman was sending messages like this to kids of that age:

"All right kids! What time is it? It's lesbian bondage time!"

What the heck was Charles Marston up to? What did he think he was doing earnestly pimping the joys and benefits of bondage and dominance and submission relationships to ten year olds? Come to think of it, lesbian bondage! Because my suspicion is, they wouldn't notice or care about such stuff. For them it was all about Sky Kanga and Wonder Woman's powers.

The more I understand about Golden Age Wonder Woman, the less I know.

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