Saturday, February 7, 2009

Jessica Alba And Sandra Romain In Russian Split Bondage

"Well, at least I'm not naked!"

Over on Pofoz's page, we're having an interesting discussion of which mainstream actresses we'd like to see posing for commercial bondage sites, and why.

I argued for Jessica Alba in russian split bondage, the idea being that Alba has famously eschewed nude scenes in her movies, but will do bondage. I'm thinking the ruanchiness of Russian split bondage in a thong bikini more than makes up for any tastful nudity -- see if you don't agree with me. But not knowing Pofoz's rules on images, I didn't link to any images of Russian split bondage. Pofoz says links are OK so long as they're identified as NSFW if they're NSFW (Not Safe For Work). So I thought I'd do a little manip and show EXACTLY what Jessica Alba would look like if she were in Russian split bondage ... and had Sex and Submission model Sandra Romain's smokin' hot body.

By the way, I hate the practice of using bondage models for bodies on manips and then not giving them any credit. So, here's Sandra, possessor of one of the most beautiful round butts in all of ... anything:

Hi, Sandra!

Image courtesy of Bondagerotica sponsor Sex and Submission.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, guys on Brians (like Zinger), on about Jessica for years. Didn't see how hot that gal is till recently.

Great manip

Pat Powers said...

I think she's physically hot, but personality-wise, not so much. If she had personal hottitude, she'd want to push the envelope, not refuse to do nudity.