Wednesday, February 18, 2009

More Thoughts On Heroes

“Let me adjust those chains so you don‘t get too comfortable ...”

I have tried watching “Heroes” a couple of times, but I just couldn’t get interested. No spandex? No capes? The super powers are virtually meaningless without the spandex and the capes!

But I’m really loving “Heroes” now that it’s totally bagging on the Homeland Security Dept. with its Heroes vs. Homeland Security theme. I wanna see Homeland Security types get frozen, fried, carried to great heights and dropped, blowed up real good, and otherwise abused. I’m in, baby!

However, I thought the Tracy in Prison scene could have used some snappier dialogue inspired by the . To wit:

Tracy: I understand the chains and the heat lamps, but why is the NBC peacock on my ass?

Nathan: They don’t call it enhanced interrogation for nothing, baby!

Tracy: All right, but I can handle these heat lamps easily -- I used to work at McDonald’s!

Nathan: (clearly peeved) You’re not supposed to do the degrading confessions until after we start with the torture!

Tracy: What sort of torture?

Nathan: Well, consulting the list of Approved Hot Blond Interrogation Techniques, we’ll start with a chocolate fudge thong, add on a whipped cream bra with nipple cherries …

Tracy: Nipple cherries … mmm, me like! Tell me more!

Nathan: There’s nothing more to tell, it’s degenerated into a bunch of meaningless gibberish and drool. Oh, well, we’ll think of something when the time comes, little lady, you can count on that!

That’s all the dialogue I have right now … the rest is just meaningless gibberish and drool. I’m sure I’ll think of something later.


Sasha said...

The overview of the new season seems to be a 'let's kidnap all the good guys' plotline; not that I'm objecting or anything- and they focus exclusively on Hayden and Ali. ;-)

Pat Powers said...

Yes, this is not a plotline I'm about to complain about. Huge potential for DiD scenes -- couldn't have done it better myself! ;>