Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Heroes Claims A First

“God, working at McDonald’s near the food warmer lamps is a lot tougher than I thought it would be.”

Monday night (February 16, 2009) Heroes had a first for U.S. mainstream television, and perhaps for mainstream television worldwide: In the “Building 26” episode of Heroes, Ali Larter is bound to the floor via a spreader bar attached to manacles on her wrists. A chain extends from each manacle and through a hasp set in the floor behind her, forcing her arms behind the chair she sits in. The chair appears to be bolted to the floor.

That’s some really stringent bondage. It looks very uncomfortable.

It’s also the first use of a spreader bar in US mainstream television. There was a TV movie called “The Fixer” in 1998 that had a spreader bar attached to the feet of a corpse, but it was an erotic thriller kind of movie, more Skinamax that regular television, so I called it a movie in my firsts list. (I have recently been informed of a much earlier movie that will be moving “The Fixer” off the list.)

Unfortunately (and you knew there would be an “unfortunately” just looking at the vidcap, didn’t you?) Larter is chained near heat lamps to keep her from using her super freezing power on people and objects, which means the whole scene is shot in a blurry red glow. Crap. But it’s still a first.

“I understand why you've got my hands chained behind my back, and I understand the heat lamps, but why is there a peacock in my butt?”
"That's what makes it enhanced interrogation, baby."


Sasha said...

MMMM.... fresh sweaty damsel in the evening :). Fetish equipment on family TV? What is the world coming to?

Pat Powers said...

Well, they had to have the fetish equipment because um ... because ... I'm sure there's a reason ... of some kind ...