Monday, March 9, 2009

It’s Low Fantasy Time On “Legend of the Seeker”

Surely there’s an easier way to get knockers on a door.

Legend of The Seeker is starting to pop with the bondage imagery, after a long dry spell. The episode “Revenant” had a brief cuff scene, the episode Hartland had a mammalicious babe in a cleavage-baring outfit chained to a rock (not a long scene, but still …) and an upcoming episode has this bit of strappy bondage.

Ah, Sword and Sorcery. It may start out high fantasy, but it gets to the low fantasies sooner or later. (Leer.)

Image: promo vidcap from The Legend of the Seeker TV show website.


Big MT said...

Hey Pat,
Check out the leather clad dominatrix imagery at the beginning of episode 10 "Sacrifice".
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Pat Powers said...

I did, and you know, I'm not into leather-clad dominatrixes, but even I can see that whoever designed those costumes was BIG TIME into it. I've not seen anything that blatantly since "The Cell."