Sunday, March 8, 2009

Technical Difficulty

Her (thinking):“You know, I don’t think the Heimlich maneuver WORKS when you’re gagged. I’d better tell him … oh, that’s right …”

Image: vidcap from an unknown movie or TV show, like so many of them in my collection.


Anonymous said...

"Image: vidcap from an unknown movie or TV show, like so many of them in my collection."

Ahh, but Mystery Channel one of mine.
Allow me to assist here:

Record number: 3070

Title: Man In A Suitcase
Medium: TV Series
Actress: Veronica Hurst

Description: Episode: "Which Way Did He go McGill?"

At about 16 minutes Donald Sutherland overpowers an attractive blonde in the kitchen, gags her from behind with a towel and then binds her wrists behind her back (with the dressing-gown style belt of the woollen dress that she is wearing). He takes the opportunity to caress her body as he ties her wrists before shutting her in a cupboard (closet). Nice interaction between the two.

He goes into the sitting room where a visitor is waiting and when asked where she is says "She is looking for something in the cupboard".

He then murders the visitor and when at about 19 minutes McGill comes to investigate he opens the kitchen cupboard and she stumbles out, some mmmphing before she is quickly released.

Times from a video tape without adverts.

Pat Powers said...

Thanks for the ID, man.