Monday, March 16, 2009

Fashion Forward

“I told you that I’d have you gagged if you said I was gay one more time. I’m not gay! This is what metrosexual evil overlords wear! And my cheeks and lips are just naturally red! And I have naturally long eyelashes! And women make poor henchmen! Look at my Super Death Ray! Is that gay? If I was gay do you think I’d want to destroy New York with all its great gay bars?”

Image from “The Purple Monster Strikes,” which is SO not gay!


Anonymous said...

“The Purple Monster Strikes,” which is SO not gay!

Monster was cool. See, offer to cut a few black fedora wearing goons in on the action and you have the Martian Mob...

Today's aliens are a bunch of fairies! ;)

Gotta love the 40's mentality

Pat Powers said...

There was much you could get away with in the 40s.