Thursday, March 12, 2009

Building A Sports Franchise The Hard Way

Y’know, red hair works surprisingly well with green skin. Creates a nice, Christmas-y effect.

Apparently, slavers have been capturing Orion women for immoral porpoises (i.e., increasing the Orion slave girl supply for future Star Trek telecasts) since the 1950s, to judge from this image from the January 1954 issue of Dynamic Science Fiction. This particular woman is clearly destined for an Orion slave girl basketball team. I didn’t even know they had Orion slave girl basketball teams, but I approve wholeheartedly of the concept.

By the way, I found this image at a fun website called Babes In Space which was created by some adademics at Penn State University. The link leads to a page about alien babes in bondage (there aren‘t that many images and their standards for bondage are not high, but they‘re all fun images, and besides, we mustn't be hard on them, they're academics). And be sure and visit the home page for more fun stuff on the “Babes In Space” site.

Image: January 1954 cover of Dynamic Science Fiction.

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