Thursday, December 1, 2011

Jessica Alba: Naked, Tied Or Just Cloned?

"I'm pretty sure there's a no-nudity clause in my contract! Can't we just leave my undies on and gag me? I have no non-gag gag clauses in my contract, I'm sure of that!"

Once again, we have semi-irrefutable evidence of yet another celebrity gone all naked and bondage-y! This time it's Jessica Alba, seen here naked and tied in suspension with her nipple showing and everything! She doesn't look too happy about it, and who can blame her, since she is one of the few younger actresses who refuses to do nudity?

Of course, it's not the bondage that bothers her, she's shown up bound and/or gagged plenty of times in her film career, most notably in "Into the Blue" where she's handcuffed to a dead guy and is tape gagged.

When it comes to bondage, Alba is a trooper, alrighty!
Image source: vidcap from Into the Blue.

I've included two images of closeups of Alba's face so you'll know that it's her alrighty. I know what you're thinking: a fake, a photomanip, a MacFukkin. Nope.

Of course, if you want to get TECHNICAL about it and do some RESEARCH -- which I seriously advise NOT doing! -- you might discover that the person in the image is the bondage model Kristina Rose doing a video about kinky vampires for Sex and Submission. Those guys again! Wouldn't you know it? So ... don't do that research! Sometimes, ignorance is bliss!

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