Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Political Gets Sexual, And Vice Versa

Believe it or not, this is a statue of a sex slave, apparently her specialty was catering to men who liked to look at women sitting around fully dressed. Those Koreans know how to create arresting imagery, eh? Image source: Yonhap News.

The flying monkeys have been very confused this week. They've brought back an awful lot of political news, but I just didn't have the heart to shoot them because it was clearly labelled bondage news.

First off is the story associated with the image above: South Koreans have set up a statue of a Korean comfort woman outside the Japanese embassy. Seems that the Japanese army kidnapped tens of thousands of Korean women to use as "comfort women," i.e., sex slaves, for the troops. Perhaps you think the Koreans are kind of harping on something that happened 60 years ago, but you'd be wrong. Seems the Japanese have been very, very slow to admit their culpability with regard to the wholesale murdering, torturing and raping they did during World War II, even though everybody else in the world knows what they did.

So rather than harping on an old wound the Koreans are giving the Japanese a well-deserved poke in the eye for refusing to acknowledge their guilt. If the Japanese had been able to man up and admit their culpability like the Germans did after World War II, this would be harping. But as things stand now, it's not.

Now THESE are sex slaves! The fun kind! Image source: vidcap from the hentai "Behind Closed Doors."


Anonymous said...

If I was the "Dear Leader", I wouldn't be bitching about how bad others mistreated Koreans .. Glass houses & all that.

Pat Powers said...

Well these are the South Koreans. The Dear Leader is busy being dead.