Monday, December 5, 2011

New Celebrity Slave Girl Department Features Celebrity Slave Girls!

"Welcome to the slave pens, ladies!"

Now, I'm going to be honest with you. STRICTLY speaking, there are no celebrities who are slave girls. Mostly they are wealthy and enjoy a lot more freedom than, say, anyone else on Earth, for the most part.

HOWEVER ... a lot of them, in the course of being celebrities and actresses and so forth, have dressed in a manner that is purest slave girl fantasy fuel, and really, we'd feel downright foolish ignoring all that fantasy fuel. Frankly, considering the general state of the economy and the world, we feel that fantasy fuel should be mined as quickly and efficiently as humanly possible. We do not want to be responsible for America, or the world even, getting behind the curve on ensuring slave girl fantasy fuel supplies! We're proactive! Engaged! And totally enjoying all the hot celebrities running around dressed all slavish and skimpy!

So, check out our Celebrity Slave Girl Department and see what you think! Bondagerotica is COMMITTED to having America's fantasies humming along smoothly into the foreseeable future!

Our first inductees are Carrie Fisher (natch) and Katherine Heigl. A careful examination of the artwork that accompanies this article should give an idea of a few others, but frankly, there are MANY candidates here. All to the good! (I'll post the celebrities in the header in the comments section later, in case anyone wants to guess.)

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