Saturday, December 31, 2011

Alien-Themed Bordello To Open In Nevada

"Wait ... what? LEGO Trekkies? And nobody mentioned group rates! What have I gotten myself into?" Image source: it's surprising what a resourceful fellow like me can do in Second Life.

News is hitting the celebrity blogs that bordello owner Dennis Hof (of the HBO reality series "Cathouse: The Series" fame) is planning to open an alien-themed bordello in Nevada. And no, it will not be full of Latin Americans. It will be a REAL alien bordello, with Slave Leias, Orion Slave Girls, Silurians from Doctor Who and Neytiri from Avatar on hand to offer sexual delights to all the guys whose plans to get laid at DragonCon fall through, as they so often do.

No word yet on whether or not Hof plans to include Gorean paga sluts in his business plan, but really, he's missing a bet if he does not.

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