Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Naked Slave Girls in Public Sexual Bondage

Gorean Auto Parts became number one in the nation in auto parts sales because it was the first to offer the kind of seat covers that men really wanted, with free butt plugs yet! Image source: Public Disgrace.

Apparently, there's at least one paga tavern on Earth ... Image source: Public Disgrace.

As brick and mortar video rental stores lost more and more customers, penalties for keeping a popular video past its due date became very rigorous indeed. Image source: Public Disgrace.


Alexis13 said...

Can you do that to a 13 year old without boobs and no fucking just naked in public tied up

Pat Powers said...

Well I don't know the legal particulars, and I don't really care, as I have no interest in 13 year olds. I think you would wind up in a jail cell if you tried it. My advice: try to get interested in women at least 5 years older.