Friday, August 10, 2012

I Wrote ANOTHER Damn Book!

The cover to "A Little Bit of Monica," my latest emission of great literature. Image source: Hottitude Press Art Department.

Just put up another book for sale on Amazon, it's actually a novelette called "A Little Bit of Monica." It's essentially the same story that has been posted on Bondagerotica by the same name (it's no longer there) so if you've read it there, no need to buy it unless you like having it in Kindle format on a portable reader. You can get it here. For the record, the prize is right: $2.99.

I did add a significant subplot involving the publishers of the Slavegirl Belinda comics, so there is that. It'll become important if sales make a second book in the series seem advisable.

For the record, here's the writeup on the book:

AT LAST! A book that RIPS THE LID off HARDCORE COSPLAY and BELLY DANCING at so-called “Cons”!!!!!!!! And describes in DETAIL how much FUN it all is!

When Monica saw the three sexy Slave Leias belly dancing at GamaRamaLamaDingDongCon, her latest obsession was born – she had to learn belly dancing! The women moved so sensuously, so gracefully, entrancing all onlookers, including her, but especially boys. Especially especially cute boys. She could learn belly dancing and do the same!

Monica's parents were only too glad to pay for the lessons, because she needed to lose some weight, and they had heard much tougher requests in earlier years … like an electron microscope so she could study superconductors, or a 100-gallon saltwater aquarium, or a four-color silkscreen press. Dancing lessons seemed sane and affordable by comparison.

Monica dove headlong into bellydancing with the same fire and energy she dove into all her obsessions. And she stuck with it, something she had not always done. Her instructor, Madame Yasmina of Madame Yasmin's School of Dance, was a wise woman and encouraged her students to reward themselves for practicing by spending some time dancing in any way the pleased, to the music they enjoyed. Monica wound up dancing for hours every time she practiced, and she practiced almost every night, in ways that Madame Yasmina had never spoken of, but might have understood.

As a result, after six months of belly dancing, Monica was transformed from a girl that boys ordinarily did not give a second glance to, into a hottie that ALL the guys gave first, second and third glances to. She lost weight, her hips and breasts became nicely rounded, and she moved with a sensuous sway that the dance had taught her without her even realizing it.

Not interested in the local boys who had treated her like furniture when she was overweight, or in the nice gamer and cosplay guys who were as obsessive as she was and hence kind of a bore to be around for any length of time, especially in the fishbowl environment of her high school, Monica set her sights on SciFiFunCon. She had noticed that some girls spent the whole four days of a con dressed in skimpy outfits that left them half naked, hugging cute boys and dancing and having a wonderful time.

Now, Monica realized, that could be her. She decides to go as Slavegirl Belinda, a web comic character that some snarkily called “Naked Girl” because of her very skimpy slavegirl attire. Her friend Joanie and her work up a costume and make plans that their parents would be seriously shocked by, if they knew them.

Will Monica be able to keep her parents in the dark about her plans? How will they react when they inevitably find out their daughter has been running around almost naked for four days and hugging on cute guys while being photographed? Will she be the hit of the drum circle dance? Will Monica find a very special cute guy to engage in some hardcore cosplay with? What will happen when she meets the publishers of Slavegirl Belinda comics at the Con? Can she, bursting with sexual energy and love, keep it together for four days?

All we can say is that Monica will probably have a lot of fun. If you want to know the details, you should probably buy the book and read it.

Monica, dressed as Slavegirl Belinda, poses with a Slave Leia cosplayer in a way that proves popular with the boys for some reason.


Marc Cabot said...

Suggested blurb: "If P.G. Wodehouse had written a book about sexy cosplayers, this would be that book."


It is fun, and I want to know what happens next! Idea: Battle of Slavegirls Royale! Belinda takes on Leia in a no-holds barred match for Con domination!

Pat Powers said...

Hmmm. Well the next book is going to be a lot wilder. And I do like the compliment about P.G. Wodehouse, though I've never read a lot of his stuff. I SHOULD like it, but a lot of it plays on fucking with social class distinctions, and that's not nearly as clear in the US as it was in Britain in Wodehouse's day.

I do have a character in SL Gor I'm thinking of basing a novel on that might be Wodehousian, because of course my SL Gor character WOULD be a lying, sneaky, treacherous sort of rapscallion whose slavegirls often rescue him during fights, for which he rewards them by furring them after the battle and bragging about how HE saved THEM.