Monday, August 6, 2012

Jessica Alba Was Not Kidnapped In Real Life

Poor Jessica Alba, gagged again, this time in an episode of "Dark Angel" titled "Designate This." Image source: Found it over on Danger Theater, where lovely hostess Sasha has a DVD web rip of the entire scene, if you're into that sort of thing.

The flying monkeys bring me stuff that get me into debunkery now and then (at least it's not debuggery) and today is one of those "nows."

The flyng monkeys found a site called Wondertrash, that's basically one of those celebrity gossip sites, that had a post claiming that Jessica Alba was into bondage in real life. Two major pieces of supporting evidence were offered: that she wound up bound and gagged in so many films, and that she was purportedly kidnapped in real life, winding up bound and gagged in the trunk of a car.

Now the first bit of evidence is familiar ground, and can be explained on the basis of the sort of roles she gets offered: gang leader's girlfriend, biker chick in leather, or stripper or waitress. Of course she winds up bound and gagged a lot, hot chicks in action/horror movies tend to do that. If she were a romantic comedy actress and she were bound and gagged a lot ... THAT might be indicative. But action movie heroines and Mexican soap opera actresses get a pass here ... comes with the territory.

The kidnapping is more problematical. Rumors have swirled on the Internet for years that Alba was found bound and gagged in the trunk of a car when she was filming the "Flipper" TV series (and seriously underage). And people have looked for some substance to the story for years and found ... nothing. I did a Google search myself for this post and found ... nothing. Nowhere is there a cite or link to a magazine article/post/video in which someone in a position to know says, "Jessica was found bound and gagged in the trunk of a car" in real life.

Instead all you see is posts to message boards asking about it and celebrity sites gossiping about it, and not a single one of them offering any actual cites or sources.

So, it didn't happen. A lot of guys WANT it to have happened, in their fantasies, but no, never happened. If there were any evidence, it would have showed up somewhere.

But what made the Wondertrash post interesting to me was the way they tied it to their claim that Alba is into bondage. They theorized that the experience of being in bondage scenes with handsome young male costars affected Alba sexually and that the car trunk thing was not an actual abduction but Alba acting out some kinky fantasies. (They also stated that a lot of women do this sort of thing and then cover it up with a sketchy story of an abduction, often confessing they made it up eventually when the police start asking sharp questions.)

All of this presented without the least bit of evidence, mind you. If there were any solid evidence in the form of links or cites to authoritative sources, it would definitely be a theory worth considering. But as it is, I can only admire the ingenuity of turning the fact that there had never been any official records of the kidnapping into a plus,into support for the theory that Alba is into bondage in real life, by claiming it was a kinky fantasy gone wrong when acted out.

My own theory is that I have no idea if Jessica Alba is into bondage, and wouldn't know unless she or someone close to her said so, of she got caught in flagrante de kinko.

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Anonymous said...

The rumor exists because of her film "Paranoid" in which she was gagged and put in the trunk of a car - and ironically saved by her stalker.
Here's an interview which debunks this myth: